• Increase your sales
  • Improve your closing rate
  • Establish rapport and increase influence with your clients
  • Onboard new sales team members without experience
  • Understand the prospect and use the right strategies

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Maxwell Method of Selling

Selling is essential for any business or profession. Whether you are looking for new business or applying for a new position to advance your career, unless you know how to sell, you will not have a successful outcome. The Maxwell Method of Selling introduces the fundamentals of selling and marketing – skills that are essential for every leader, manager, business owner or professional.

From understanding your value proposition and the power of branding to knowing specifically who to target for your services, this material is useful for those who are brand-new to the art and science of selling, as well as to those who are experienced in selling. The following sales skills training will equip you with the strategies and techniques to become comfortable with the sales process, conduct sales conversations with confidence, win business proposals, and increase revenue.

Workshops that we offer

The Maxwell Method Sales Impact Report and workshop

Whenever you are new to selling or a seasoned sales veteran, the Maxwell Sales Impact Report & Workshop will undoubtedly guide you to impactful results. This report helps you discover your selling style and ways to maximise it. It also offers awareness of the various buying styles of your clients.

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The Maxwell Method Sales Leadership Impact Report and workshop

A version of the Impact Report for Sales Leaders to guide them in relation, leading and review the performance of their sales team.

Leadership Game – Sales Edition

Using principles taken from a variety of John Maxwell’s books, this game will challenge players to think more strategically about selling.

You will find that there is no limit to who can come around the table to play this game, as it has tips for selling, negotiating and closing for everyone. It’s perfect for any sales, executive, management, leadership or network marketing professional.

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The 5 Keys to Increasing your Sales Influence

Would like to have more attention from your prospect? More loyalty from your cients?

Effective communication is essential to leading your potential client through the buying process. Think of yourself as a navigator, helping them understand each stage of the process that ultimately helps them meet their goal and you to win their business. 

Fundamentals of Selling

Maxwell Method of Selling

Raising the level of effectiveness by leading with a Sales Mindset:

Organisations will experience a shift in the ability to influence and empower those they lead to identify and solve problems for their clients, increase sales and leadership skills, and achieve greater results, using the Maxwell Method of Selling.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively use the Maxwell Method of Selling and will be provided with a certificate of completion.

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Sales Training 12-Week Bootcamps (2 levels)

Based on the leadership principles and values of Dr. John C. Maxwell, leading authority on leadership development, each lesson in the sales training bootcamp is designed to equip you and/or members of your team with the skills you need to improve your sales results. Each bootcamp runs for 12 weeks.
Level One: Over the course of twelve weeks, you will learn how to effectively:

  • Serve others through selling.
  • Have the right posture, mindset and attitude throughout the sales process.
  • Develop relationships versus make transactions.
  • Master the sales conversation and present your products, services or programs.

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Level Two: In the advanced bootcamp, you will build upon the training in Level One and you will learn how to:

  • Track and measure your success.
  • Overcome common objections.
  • Incorporate marketing strategies to stay top of mind during the buying cycle.
  • Build long-term relationships after the sale.
  • Ask for referrals and repeat business.

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Training sessions are available in English, French, German and Chinese.

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