Team Impact Executive Report


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The Team Impact Executive Report which offers you as a leader, critical information and a debrief about the collective strengths, and characteristics of your team so that you can lead them to elevated results.

Your Team Impact Executive Report will provide you with:

  • Key characteristics map of your team.
  • Specific ways you can work with your so they can optimise their performance.
  • The collective power of your team, and how to lead them in a way that is unique to them and highly effective for the organization.
  • A snapshot of how your team style transforms under pressure. It will help you identify ways to develop and encourage better stress management while you will have a list of considerations to anticipate what will upset the balance.
  • Your team’s combined strengths in the seven primary ways to influence people and outcomes, and a comprehensive view of how your team potentially will perform in each area. This will enable you to identify the gaps on missing or low strengths of your entire team.
  • With communication being an important part of effective leadership, you will have recommended communication approaches specific to your team.


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