Communication Impact Report and Workshop (Online questionnaire + 2 hour webinar)

We are each wired with a very unique style of communicating and collaborating with others. The Communication Impact Report will help you discover your style of communication and ways to maximise it. In the corresponding workshop, we will dig into the results of your report and discuss ways to leverage your communication style to improve your ability to connect and add value to others.

  • Easily recognise the four primary communication styles

  • Relate to others in a way that speaks to their communication style

  • Implement effective communication strategies to minimise conflicts, improve morale and build cohesion

  • Create a roadmap for effective communication for each of your team members or colleagues

It is accomplished through the different parts:

  • Online questionnaire

  • Report coming as an output of the questionnaire

  • Workshop to discuss the results and next actions


This course will be lead by Joël Vuadens-Chan, CEO Swiss Leaders Group, Executive Director and Member of the President’s Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team.