12-Week Maxwell Method of Sales Bootcamp – Level 1


March 27


08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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E-Sales, Sales

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Swiss Leaders Group

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Raising the level of effectiveness by leading with a Sales Mindset:

Your team will experience a shift in their ability to influence to identify and solve problems for their clients, increase sales and leadership skills, and achieve greater results, using the Maxwell Method of Selling.

Through this 12-week Sales Boot Camp training you will be equipped with the skills needed to improve sales results.

The first and last sessions will be conducted live/onsite, the ten middle ones virtually by teleconference or live/onsite (as an upgrade).

You will learn how to:

  • effectively serve others through selling
  • have the right posturemindset, and attitude throughout the sales process
  • develop relationships vs making transactions
  • master the sales conversation
  • present products, services, and programs with confidence

The sessions are covering the following topics:

  • Week 1 – Preparation for Success
  • Week 2 – Psychology of Sales
  • Week 3 – Marketing + Networking
  • Week 4 – Prospecting + Qualifying
  • Week 5-6 – Building Rapport and Trust
  • Week 7-8 – Discovering needs
  • Week 9 – Presenting solutions
  • Week 10 – Overcoming objections
  • Week 11 – Closing the Sale
  • Week 12 – Clients for Life

And progressing each topic one step deeper from the corresponding lessons of Level 1 Bootcamp.

In each session of 90 minutes, the Maxwell Method of Selling showcases how the principles and lessons of John Maxwell’s teachings are effectively applied in sales, making the experience enjoyable for all parties and the process one of collaboration and integrity. Each lesson includes:

  • A video lesson introducing and emphasising the key points to consider and apply
  • A worksheet to complete while watching the video to reinforce the learning and expand beyond the video content
  • An exercise to complete (either individually, in a partnership, or as a group) to personalise and internalise the lesson for yourself
  • Actions you can immediately implement
  • Additional resources available from John Maxwell
  • The opportunity for further learning, sharing, and growth in the facilitated group setting

The first and last sessions will be conducted live/onsite, the ten middle ones virtually by teleconference or live/onsite (as an upgrade).

At the conclusion of the training you will be:

  • comfortable with the sales process
  • confident to sell
  • able to develop relationships with your clients
  • able to understand and address their real needs
  • increase your sales success and profitability

You will be presented with a certificate of completion issued by the John Maxwell Team.

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This course will be led by Joël Vuadens-Chan, CEO Swiss Leaders Group, Executive Director and Member of the President’s Advisory Council of John Maxwell Team.