A Business Model for your business success in the current market

This course opens on 08/01/2019.

You would your business to be successful! Sure! But how?
This course will deal to review and/or create your business plan and place your business in a unique market positioning.
Through over 20 areas, such as products type, distribution channels, pricing, promotion, partnerships, this course will lead you to create a unique and competitive business model for your business.

This course will lead you to build that model and define the unique selling point of your business.

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Estimated Time: 10 hours

Course Instructor

Joël Vuadens-Chan Joël Vuadens-Chan Author

Swiss Leaders Group’s Founder & CEO + Faculty Member – 25 years of experience in banking, IT and insurance industries – MBA from the University of Cumbria – Education certificates from Harvard, University of California and Queensland – Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach Independent Executive Director and Member of The President’s Advisory Council of The John Maxwell Team

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