Want to improve your speaking skills?

Learning to speak in front of any audience is an important communication skill. Learning to speak with authority, confidence and impact essential to communicate with success.

This half-day workshop provides a powerful experiential speaker training. You will:

  • gain a thorough understanding of the art and practice of developing stories,
  • learn how to connect with an audience and hold their attention, discover how to overcome the fear of public speaking,
  • explore developing their own style of communication,
  • and learn to craft content for the most effective presentation


This 1/2-day fun, interactive and practical workshop uses powerful exercises, tools and techniques to show you how to connect with your audience and influence with public speaking:

It covers:

  • What makes a great speech
  • Way to influence the audience
  • How to keep them connected throughout your speech
  • Train your public speaking in a safe, supporting environment
  • Give feedback on others participants


After attending this workshop you will:

  • Be able to keep the attention of your audience during an entire speech
  • Be a better speaker
  • Be able to influence your audience
  • Have more fun and confidence when speaking

You will be presented with a certificate of completion issued by the John Maxwell Team.

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