5 benefits of investing in your people

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2019, the President of Costa Rica, shared that his country has “managed to protect its environment while also investing in its people”. When I think about the challenges that we all face, countries and company alike, I am not sure the environmental issues, as important […]

5 people you need on your team to climb a high mountain

Next to Geneva in Switzerland, there are two mountains, the Salève and the Mont-Blanc. Easy or impossible mountain? The Salève is a cosy mountain. You can drive to the top of it by car. This is a usual walk for locals. As it is so close to the city that it almost gives the impression […]

5 ways to increase the success of your board

I had the privilege to lead business students at Regent’s University in a simulation of discussions at the Boardroom level using the Leadership Game. Let’s look at what they took from this exercise and discover 5 ways to increase the success of a board.

Do you think your employees are lying to you? You may be right!

Sometimes you may have the impression that your employees and team members are not giving their best, that they are hiding facts and even lying to you. You are right! Research shows that 85% of people don’t like their job and 75% are lying and cutting corners. Why?