“The coaching of Joël has enabled me to bring clarity, truth and perception to the forefront of my own circumstances that I am facing. In so doing these sessions brings home the  conviction and clear meaning for the way forward.”   
P.D. Barnes, Director in the Financial Sector in Switzerland and the UK.  

“The Leadership game was really amazing. Thank you so much for training us. Through your programme, it opened our eyes. It gives a lot of inspiration how we can move forward in the future and we hope the training will not only benefit us but benefit all the organisations and all the young leaders out there. Thanks so much”.
Amelia, Roziman, COO, Sarawak Convention Bureau

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“The Leadership game is enjoyable; it will help your organisation discover its sweet spots, the issue and help one another ‘bear their soul’. It was a very valuable session. I think every organisation should go through this game, at least once”
Dylan Redas Noel,  Head of Industry Development, Sarawak Convention Bureau

“Joël is able to share his personal experience and connect with the audience. Thank you so much Joël for sharing your knowledge with us on how to be a great leader.”
Geoffrey Lee, Head of Customer Relations and Market Intelligence, Sarawak Convention Bureau

“I though the training with Joël was very enriching and interesting. His method of teaching was very easy to understand, especially with the game element that really brought interactive opportunities between team members and for us to explore some issue such as integrity, communication and credibility and also was it takes to be a good leader. The best part of the training I thought was that it encourages a lot of discussions, especially the game part, so thank you very much. I think it would be a very good thing to have this training for your company”
Jamie Wang, Head of Bids and Communications, Sarawak Convention Bureau

“Joël was an amazing instructor/training. I found him very easy going and I think your company will be able to benefit for him to represent the Maxwell Group to have a training in your company.”
Jonathan Soon, Senior Communication Executive, Sarawak Convention Bureau

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