Rachel Geinoz-Floreani

Her passion is growing herself to help people finding their purpose and reaching their full potential.

She is the very proud mother of two young adults, Romain and Sylvain.

Has worked 10 years between 1987 and 2000 for “La Poste Suisse” (Swiss Post), first as a cashier and then from 1994 to 2000 as manager substitute, taking care of the whole process, leading a small team of postmen in several small and medium-size post offices in the county of Fribourg.

At the age of 12 she started making business by making some earrings. The same year she dried up their garden’s lavender and made some little scented sachets she sold in the village festival. After her Australian tour where she learned English, she supported her studies by crafting and selling cards.

In 2004 she founded Iridescence a jewelry company in which she is still very active. She designs and crafts in her workshop 60% of the pieces sold in her showroom and in Sales parties. Rare, exclusive, natural, original and high quality is some based criteria to select the gems and material she will work with or buy to other artisans of manufacture.

In 2013 she graduated with the Federal Patent specialist in SME management.

In 2016 she certified as a coach, speaker trainer of the John Maxwell Team.  

Connecting is as essential for her than leading people to success and therefore coaching is a lane she enjoys especially with people hungry for growth and entrepreneur of small and medium sized companies.

Teaching Leadership principles makes so much sense to her, that after a try she will be joining her church teaching team, using Equip’s material which the aim to equip everyone that longs to become a better leader.

She Speaks French, English and less fluently Swiss German and German.

Restoration and transformation are fundamental to her therefore she has started a social based project for the women in Kivu victims of rape used as a weapon of war. It is called “The pearl of dignity” and wants to meet their heart’s and soul’s longings. Firstly by connecting and giving them one pearl necklace and the by raising hope for the future by giving them the opportunity to start their own business by lending some microcredits.

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