Nathanael Zurbruegg


  • Advanced Diploma in Ministry, Hillsong International Leadership College, Australia
  • Award winner Victoria Pearce Award – Courage and Determination, Hillsong International Leadership College, Australia
  • Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach, The John Maxwell Team, US
  • Award winner JMT DNA “Allow Room for Faith“, The John Maxwell Team, US
  • Award winner “Stage Time Finalist”, The John Maxwell Team, US
  • Maxwell Certified DISC Trainer (Level 1), The John Maxwell Team, US

About Nathanael

Nathanael is an award-winning global inspirational speaker who is passionate about inspiring and empowering people. When he steps on the platform you will quickly notice that the audience experiences transformation and lasting change through his inspirational and powerful words.

Work Experience

Throughout his 30 years of life, Nathanael had to overcome many impossible obstacles. Thus, he gained a deep conviction to never give up and persevere beyond the point where it seems impossible! This has led him to a visionary and pioneering leader where he has the goal to build a business that inspires and empowers millions of people to find their potential as a leaders, speakers and coaches.

Nathanael is active in public speaking, coaching and leadership for about 7 years and his knowledge is broad.
He started his own public speaking and coaching business “Live Live to the Fullest” in August 2016.
Since then, he does globally public speaking and coaching. His experience as a speaker is diverse and broad and his message resonates with people across the globe, as he has spoken to audiences in Australia, Germany, India, Italy, Switzerland and the US.

He has an extensive leadership experience by leading a global team from his business that includes people from Australia, Germany and India.

Since 2018, he is a partner of Swiss Leaders Group where he shares his Leadership skills and knowledge by facilitating Leadership workshops.

Nathanael also offers coaching and mentoring to groups and individuals, helping them to overcome various circumstances.

Public Speaking Experience

He has inspired and empowered thousands of listeners in businesses, colleges, non-profit organizations, youth groups and in a university hospital.

John Maxwell International Leadership ConferenceCurrently most and fastest growing Leadership Company Worldwide
SRF TVMost watched TV Channel Switzerland
SRF RadioSwiss National Radio Program
University Inselspital BernBiggest University Hospital in Switzerland
Leadership CollegeLeadership College Australia

Benefits of hiring Nathanael

Among his team, partners and colleagues, Nathanael is known as a determined and persevering personality who doesn`t shy away from achieving big! As a speaker, he is known as an inspiring, empowering and enthusiastic award-winning communicator. He lives out what he shares from the platform and in one-to-one settings. His speech comes from lessons he has learned over the course of his own miraculous life.

As a coach he is upfront, challenges the status quo but also remains patient to help people to overcome their current situations.

Nathanael is very passionate about his Personal growth, extending his communication and leadership skills. Several world-class mentors and coaches are mentoring and coaching him.

Besides his speaking engagements and coachings, he is a certified DISC behavioural analysis consultant. He has the desire to help people on a psychological related level to help them communicate best with their teammates, colleagues, peers and leaders.


  • Inspiring people to overcome their most difficult circumstances
  • Helping people practically to look beyond their limitations
  • Training and coaching people to turn limitations, inabilities and disabilities into wins
  • Mentoring of how to find the passion and dreams beside difficult situations
  • Training people to discover their true potential
  • Development of practical steps for achieving their dreams and potential
  • Empowering people to set a winning perspective and mindset in difficult situations
  • Encouraging people to gain hope during a crisis

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