Joyce Kaduki

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Helps leaders elevate and expand the awareness of their strengths, skills and abilities; and align them to their passion so that they can go beyond contractual obligations into discretionary levels of effort that unlock their untapped potential to deliver outstanding results.
Prior to getting into the personal and professional development space a decade ago, Joyce worked in the areas of finance, accounting, human resource, operations and administration in both business and non-profit organizations.
She has designed and delivered leader development programs which have equipped hundreds of leaders in business, government and non-profit organizations. She has facilitated sessions for mid and senior management, and board members.
Joyce provides coaching for both individuals and groups, in person – conditions allowing – and virtually. She has coached clients in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
She has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs on finance management, and provided business advisory and coaching services to innovator-entrepreneurs under a government-funded incubation program.
Joyce has facilitated strategy sessions involving strategy review, new planning processes and development of new strategic plans.

Joyce is a Founding Partner of Swiss Leaders Group

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