Gareth Lloyd

Gareth has a successful track record in Landscaping, Counseling, Training, and Coaching. He has worked in organisations from the corporate arena to rehab centres, training facilities and private residences. At the University of the Nations, where he graduated in Counselling and Psychology he was an international training director. He also works with individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Gareth is a family man, married to Ann for 27 years, and a proud father of 2 teenage boys who pursue careers in IT security and youth social work.

His life has not been without failure. Despite these learning struggles and setbacks, Gareth has over 30 years of experience of living, working and studying in 16 countries on 3 continents, As a result, he’s acquired profound insights and understanding of cross-cultural relationships and real connections. He goes into every new consulting, training and coaching project with an open mind.

He is a passionate leader and a self-starter, with excellent interpersonal skills. He works to support individuals and organisations discover their full potential, creating opportunities and possibilities and transforming them into goals, growth, and success.

You can read more about Gareth on his business website and LinkedIn profile.

Gareth is a Founding Partner of Swiss Leaders Group

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