Flemming A. D. Rontved

  • 25 years in financial institutions in Denmark, Former Bank Manager
  • 2 Business in Denmark, Strategic Sales Planning, CRM, Teambuilding Personal Growth.
  • Travelled worldwide in the past 7 years, 86 countries and states teaching, speaking and coaching
    C-level Leaders, corporate, government, universities and their employees
  • GPS Specialist – taking corporate vision, mission and values of the wall, planting them in the heart of their employees
  • Educated in micro expression and emotional intelligence
  • Working as Execute Coach in the Middle East with C-Level Leaders Corporate, Government,
    Universities and their employees with the focus on the 5 obstacles of teams, to raise
    productivity and efficiency, change belief-system, creating ownership of personal and company
  • Coaching at Schools and Youth organization to let future leaders put their dream to the test
  • Located in the United Arab Emirates

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