Erick Arias

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Erick Arias is a Guatemalan aircraft maintenance technician working with people accomplishing tasks which require high attention to details and responsibility. Erick has specific skills to design and track companies projects with high organization, planning, precision and achievement focus. In that field Erick had worked for multinational companies such as TACA International Airlines and Copa Airlines, with the positions of Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, empowering teams to internal/external clients focus and strong quality services.  Erick holds aircraft maintenance certifications from Guatemala and United States of America. Erick is also a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, as well as Life Speaker Trainer of the International Speakers Chamber.

Using his knowledge in the aviation industry, Erick develop an interesting and powerful program for set and achieve goals named “LIFP Lift Into a Flight Plan” which covers those essentials and important points which should be taken into account regarding goal setting and achievement, also created a coaching program for individuals, executives and teams to guide them through the LIFP Method, which properly fits in the needs of any person or company.

Why making business with Erick? Erick is a humble, smart and client focus person. He has a strong ability to find and solve problems. He likes to focus on solutions and to boost people and companies strengths. Erick inspires the sense of winning and constant effort, he is always improving himself and helping people to constantly improve. In your first meeting with Erick you will find in him a quiet person, who will put all his professionalism to boost your life and/or team to success.

During his time working with Copa Airlines, Erick received the “You Make the Difference” Award for his significant contributions to teamwork.
Since his certification with the John Maxwell Team, Erick has been training and coaching people through the John Maxwell methods and recently using his “LIFP Method” to boost people and companies.

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