Our global faculty has decades of experience in corporate business, leadership, training and sales. All our trainers/coaches are certified Speakers, Trainers and Coaches and mentored by the John Maxwell Team and they are also committed to volunteering for national transformation programmes.

They are able to teach on able to teach in English, French, German and Chinese.

Claudine Reid, MBE
Co-Director for UK - Faculty Member
  • Britain’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs
  • Former Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador
  • Based in the UK (near London)
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Andrew Soong
Director for Singapore & Malaysia - Faculty Member
  • More than 30 years of business to business sales and senior management experience
  • Located in Singapore
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Elaine Zhou
Director for Greater China - Faculty Member
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Joyce Kaduki
Director for Kenya & East Africa - Faculty Member
  • A business leader with over 20 years of experience in both for-profit and non-profit organisations
  • Based in Nairobi, Kenya
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Dr Daniel Kouakou
Director for Western Africa - Faculty Member
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Hermann Bledou
Director for Western Africa - Faculty Member
  • Masters degree in Energetics Engineering
  • Entrepreneur in Telecom and Digital Marketing industries
  • Located in Ivory Coast, West Africa
  • Speaks English and French
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Ebony Fagbuyi
Director for Germany & Austria - Faculty Member
  • Ebony Fagbuyi is a Xennial (micro-generation between Gen X and Millennials)
  • Ebony is based in Berlin, Germany
  • Native German speaker and fluent in English
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Gareth Lloyd
Director for Geneva region - Faculty Member
  • A serial entrepreneur since the age of 9 years old
  • Gareth is based in Nyon, next to the Geneva in Switzerland
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Andreas Moser
Director for German-speaking Switzerland - Faculty Member
  • Masters degree in Engineering
  • 10 years of experience as a consultant and business analyst in the IT, consulting and banking industries
  • Located in Dübendorf, next to Zürich, in Switzerland
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Ingrid Van Droogenbroeck
Director for Benelux - Faculty Member
  • Postgraduate degrees in Management and Human Resources Management with 15+ experience
  • Located in Belgium, near Brussels
  • Speaks English, Dutch and French
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Andy Hall
Co-Director for UK - Faculty Member
  • 17 years as a senior business leader in UK & USA
  • ICF & MBTI certified coach
  • Independent Executive Director & Member of the President's Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team
  • Located in the UK, outside London
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Wendy Marman
Faculty member of Swiss Leaders Group and director for Australia
  • Taught in 6 countries on 3 different continents
  • BSC, BTH Hons, certifications intercultural studies, pastoral counselling and family ministries
  • Extensive business experience in change management, business improvement, strategic planning, problem-solving and event management
  • Live next to Canberra, Australia.
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Rachelle Daigle
Director for USA & Canada - Faculty Member
  • Calling herself a "courage coach" with over 1000 coaching hours
  • B. Sc., certifications in Project Management, Adult Education, IT, Leadership and coaching.
  • Located in Canada near Montreal
  • Fluent in English and in French.
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Dr Mirana Rasamimanana
Director for Madagascar - Faculty Member
  • 10 years experience as a Consultant for international companies and investment projects
  • PhD in International Relations
  • Located in Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Speaks fluently English and French
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Angelika Borissov-Sidler
Director for New Finance Industry
  • Executive Coach and former board member ICF Switzerland
  • Trainer and Author of Feeling for Success with Emotional Competence
  • Ethics Officer at Crypto Valley Association
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Juanita Theodora
Director for Indonesia - Faculty Member
  • 20 years experience in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Coaching
  • Degree in Economics
  • Speaks Bahasa, English, French and German
  • Located in Zurich, Switzerland
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Rachel Geinoz-Floreani
Director for Fribourg and Broye region - Faculty Member
  • 10 years experience in team leadership
  • Graduated with a Federal Diploma in SME management
  • Located in Bulle in Switzerland.
  • Speaks fluently English, French, German, Swiss German
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Astrid Meyer-Keel
Director for Vaud and Valais region - Faculty Member
  • Business Administration degree from HTW Chur in Switzerland
  • Organised over 600 events for up to 1,900 attendants
  • Located in Vevey, Switzerland
  • Speaks fluently English, French, German, Swiss German
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Joël Vuadens-Chan
Founder and CEO - Faculty Member
  • 25 years of experience in banking, IT and insurance industries, working in Switzerland, UK, USA, Germany and France
  • MBA from the University of Cumbria
  • Based next to Zürich, in Switzerland
  • Speaks English, French, German
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